about us

The name Panlingua is a combination of the Sanskrit word Pānini, referring to the first ever linguist, and the Latin word Lingua, meaning Language.The founders, Dr. Atul Kr. Ojha and Akanksha Bansal are alumnus of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi (India), who boast of a wide-ranged experience in both industry and academia. This firm is an indirect result of capacity-building efforts undertaken by the government over the years. The founders were involved at senior positions in Indian Languages Corpora Initiative (ILCI) - a MeiTy funded initiative in collaboration with JNU, New Delhi helmed by Prof. Girish Nath Jha , who is also a mentor to Panlingua.
The huge linguistic diversity in India is waiting to be utilised and converted into solutions to enable seamless communication across all social and technological barriers.
Panlingua purports to solve this gap by collecting and managing language resources for research and commercial use, build AI and NLP solutions over them, and provide exper consultancy for those who wish to transfer their solutions to Indian languages. For example, our in house team is building text, speech and multimodal database for several companies for them to transfer their digital products and services in Indian languages.
The firm also intends to use these linguistic resources to build automated solutions for various sectors that can perform wonders with linguistic automations, for example, social media can do great with fake news detection tools. There is also a lack of interactional tools and applications in Indian languages for all the sectors India is a rich multilingual nation with 22 official languages and despite all efforts access to information in one's own language is an arduous dream. Panlingua looks forward to provide a solution to this dream by building commercially adaptable linguistic resources, and user friendly domain specific tools and applications that can encode and decode crucial information in any language within a matter of seconds We wish to remain focussed on both quality and quantity.